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Vehicle Restriction Systems

Vehicle Restriction Security Systems

Threats to perimeter security are greatly increased with the presence of vehicle traffic. Breaches to your security fence can be accidental or hostile and any breach in a security system whether intentional or not can cause major disruption operations.

At Fernden we have an extensive array of products and solutions. Some standard products protect your infrastructure from basic threats and potential damage such as:

  • Armco crash barrier
  • Barrier Gates
  • Box Beam vehicle barrier
  • Bollards
  • Height restriction barriers.
  • Asafe Barrier systems

These gates and barrier systems can be deployed to effectively protect a CCTV mast, lamp column, personnel walkways. Vehicle traffic in the work place is a potential threat for injury to staff and damage to equipment. Basic protection systems using any of the items above can assist with providing a solution, please contact us to discuss.

Hostile vehicle threats pose a different solution. These systems are designed to protect against a viable threat derived from an assessment or potential line of attack. A Vehicle Dynamic Assessment of a potential threat will assist with selecting a Hostile Vehicle Mitigation or HVM product meeting requirements that are PAS68/ PAS69 rated.

Working with our supply chain we have successfully co-ordinated and developed HVM barrier systems that can incorporate a security fence over. We have a proven track record within this sector of delivering and installing these products, including the civils required to facilitate the install.

Security Fence mounted on HVM barrier can provide a unique solution removing potential damage from day to day activity as well as serious threats.

Our expertise with installing HVM products also extends to the installation of other types of protection systems including:

  • PAS rated bollards, these can provide protection to infrastructure and fence lines against vehicle attack. Quantities of bollards are aligned and linked together within a common foundation.
  • PAS rated Manual Swing Arm Barrier can provide protection to entrances and gateways that have occasional use. Installed with bollards or access gates interfaced with a Security Fence mounted on HVM provides a formidable deterrent.
  • Automated Bi-fold gates
  • Rising Arm barriers
  • Free Standing Walling and Barge gates
  • Townscape blocks
  • Tank Bollards 
  • MOD fencing and gates 
  • HVM Bollards and Barriers 
  • Ministry of defence fencing and barriers  

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